I am a geeky pagan...

Every few years or so I pick up another crafty hobby. First it was making gemstone beaded jewelry and collecting so many beads from local shops and large gem and bead fairs. I've sold some of those through the years, and then buried myself in some other hobby. I have recently re-discovered the joy of jewelry making, and have made a few nice pieces. In the mean time, though, I quit my career in computer tech support and went back to school for Commercial Photography. I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot, but like my first foray into college, I didn't finish my degree. I love photography still, and enter my work into the Professional Photography section at the county fair every couple years with good results. At some point I started learning to draw and did some digital art, and then moved on to learning some leather tooling, which really did stay more as a hobby than a money-maker like most of the other stuff kind of moved into at least a little. Now I have a laser cutter/engraver that also can use a blade like the cricut machines, so I'm moving into creating laser crafts of all kinds, and extending into vinyl and leather designs as well as custom stickers and decals.

A keen mind might wonder what causes me to move from hobby to hobby so much and may guess that I have ADHD... and you'd be right! So when I say Squirrelhaven, the squirrel I'm talking about is me! :) I hope you enjoy my many products and techniques as much as I like creating them.

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