Pentacle Box with Celtic Knotwork - Lasercut and Engraved

Pentacle Box with Celtic Knotwork - Lasercut and Engraved


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This is a lovely little box made entirely of wood. Even the hinges are cleverly made from wood.

The lid, adorned with a fiery pentacle surrounded by Celtic knotwork engravings, opens shutter-like from the middle. The wooden hinges gently support the sides of the lid, making this convenient to open even in an area with small spaces. You could fill this box with small trinkets, jewelry, crystals, tarot cards, jewelry supplies or other craft stuff, photos, you name it! It could even be a nice little dice box.

Made from 3mm craft plywood, the box was designed to account for the laser's kerf, or how much material is burned away by the laser cut, making it fit exceptionally well together; however, I used a small amount of Gorilla wood glue for a permanent hold. The box is unstained, but the outside surface has a light coat of crystal clear acrylic to help seal the wood and make cleaning easier.

Customizations, such as laser-engraving a name or short message on the bottom of the box, are available for $10.

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The pentacle box is gorgeous! It's even more beautiful than the photos convey. It's the perfect spot for my mementos and trinkets. Its craftsmanship is exquisite and I love how light it is.